Worried III

The good news is that Shelby has made a full recovery and is once again in perfect health.

The bad news? I’m still riddled with an unhealthy and unnecessary amount of anxiety.

We’re going to Chicago this weekend to the Oddity and Curiosity Expo. Which sounds like it ought to be really exciting, but for some reason I’m absolutely dreading the trip. I’ve been nothing but a bundle of nerves the whole week about so many things and it’s become impossibly oppressive. I’m depressed. I’m not sleeping well. I’m finding myself a little paranoid about random things, and I cannot even begin to tell you why.

I’ve been taking my medication regularly and doing well, so I thought. I’ve been eating healthier. Doing more creative ventures at work. Still, I’m so worn out and just over all anxious about everything that I feel like I’m falling apart.

I hate being like this. I absolutely hate it. I just want to enjoy things and not be worried about it. I just want to be free of the misery it puts me in.

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