“Just rest.” He said tucking me in. Assuring me that I did not have to people anymore. Though my mind swirled with too much. Too much from the work day had happened. Too many different projects suddenly became fires. Too many fires became too much crunch time. Too much crunch time became too much for me. Too many people came in and out of my office looking for results from me, and I delivered, but at a cost.

I came home feeling like I was hung over. A common trait that happens when I desperately need to introvert. My husband knew the moment he saw me laying in the middle of the yard on a blanket that I had peopled enough. He ran to DQ, let me eat, and then ushered me inside the house and put me in bed.

“No more peopling today baby.”

Of course he retreated to his man cave to watch a particularly loud war film of some sort, and I laid in bed. Sun pouring through the window, head aching, and noise upon noise pouring out of the basement directly beneath our bedroom.

Did I want to rest? Yes and no. Yes, because I was exhausted. No because I had so much I could be doing. Like digging the hole for the fire pit we were going to build, or sanding and staining the cabinets in the bathroom before my father changed the floor and toilet for us. I could stand to vacuum the whole house and clean the bathroom too. I could go through my closet and see what I could stand to get rid of. I could dig up my garden.

None of it was getting done though. Not until I was able to people again. Or at least after a nap…a nap that probably wouldn’t come.

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