Laid up on the couch with lungs aching and throat raw I listened as my husband made soft noises in the kitchen, preparing tea. I yawned, which then became a coughing fit, like any deep breath had done for the past 24 hours.

“Lemon Lift” was the name of the tea he kept bringing me, and it seemed to be the only tea that was soothing my cough as well as my throat and peeking me up, but it only seemed to work for an hour or so at a time.

At first my husband had seemed beside himself. The day prior when I woke up sick he was smothering and overly hovering around me. Bringing me my meds, food, and whatever else he thought would be helpful all at once into our room as I had coughing fit after coughing fit. Eventually, I snapped at him to let me get up and move so I could better evaluate myself and just to get him to leave me alone. He had work to get ready for. I had to call the museum and let them know I wouldn’t be volunteering. Then I had to change my insulin in my pump and get at least one load of laundry started.

As my husband left for work he came into the bathroom and kissed my forehead with his usual farewell. “If you were a unicorn that’s where your horn would be. I love you. Feel better.” I shooed him away so he wouldn’t be late for work and so I could get things done to rest more easily, in a harsher tone than I usually would have because of my sick state and painfully tight chest. He left and the house echoed only with my cough and the sound of our cat Henry crying that his daddy left.

Upon returning to the kitchen to take care of getting tea prepared I saw that my mug and a “Lemon Lift” tea bag was already waiting for me. Next to it was a sticky note.

I nearly cried and died from the coughing fit that happened after that. With tears streaming down my face I realized how cranky and rude I had been to my husband who was only acting out of love and concern. He hadn’t ever seen me sick before and was desperately trying to ease my suffering in all the small ways he knew how. I had only rejected them and dismissed them in my prideful and cranky state. I felt even more terribly.

The rest of the afternoon was not as restful as I had hoped. I pushed through laundry and realized that the floors were dirty along with dusty everything. I dusted (making my cough worse) in hopes that it would help alleviate my sickness. Then I moped the floors to get the salt and mud from our boots and shoes off everything. In doing that I noticed the counters needed a good wipe down and in wiping the counters I did the stove and sink too. Then I realized I should probably have some sort of dinner ready for my husband when he got home, so I could show him how sorry I was for being so rude to him earlier that morning. After starting things in the slow cooker I realized the vacuum was full and emptied out the dust can (again the coughing) and after that decided a long steaming hot shower was required. After that shower I decided feeling pretty would help me feel better and did my makeup, took my social media selfie, and rested for an hour before my husband came home from work.

Today, I woke up feeling worse. My cough was more wet than it had been the day prior, but that just meant more coughing and throat rawness. My husband came into our room with a hot mug of “Lemon Lift” in his hand. I didn’t protest and I let him fluff the pillows behind me before I laid back. He turned on the Himalayan salt lamp and let me lay my head back on the pillow as he played with my hair. After awhile he kissed my forehead.

“If you were a unicorn that’s where your horn would be. I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry about yesterday.”

“I forgive you. Now rest.”

So I did.


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