Nailed it.

“It’s 4:30.”

“Is it really?”

We all looked at each other and laughed. We were having so much fun we had forgotten to keep track of time.

“We haven’t even shown her the remodel yet! Come on! We are so pumped!”

We walked through an unassuming doorway onto a stairway that reached upward into a high ceiling space. There was tons of light. That new carpet smell. It filled my nostrils and evoked fond memories of remodels in our own home. New carpets were exciting things. “The coffee bar is going to be down there.” He indicated a large wall space, just asking to be filled with coffee aromatics. He was excited. They all were. I was excited for them….and I don’t even work there…yet…hopefully.

It was seriously a good interview. Probably the best one I have ever had. So much laughter. So much good conversation about being a creative. So much collaboration. I was above and beyond ecstatic. Even if they don’t hire me, I’m so excited for them. Their rebrand. Their remodels. I couldn’t help but be excited. Their company was updating, which made it all the better. The excitement and anticipation was there. The newness.

As for the interview its self I feel like I did my best. If they don’t choose me they have their reasons. I keep telling myself it’s in God’s hands now. To let go and trust. To provide me with His will for my life. I keep praying for pace. I’m still super nervous. Anxious. The waiting is always the hard part. The pacing and wondering if you said things right, did things right, and if you presented yourself well. I keep telling myself that I was myself. That if they didn’t like me for me then they were clearly not the right fit. That I can only be what I am. It will be what it is meant to be.

Still, I’d love to get out of retail and into marketing.

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