Bridal Shower

“I’m going to fail at this game.”

I looked at each picture of myself carefully as I voiced my lack of confidence.

“This should be easy for you! You lived them!” My Maid of Honor commented.

“Girl, I was too busy living them to remember what year it was!”

We all chuckled and eventually decided to try to guess the year based off the clothing. Then proceeded to stuff our faces with cake, scones, fruit and cheese….and of course….tea. Then we returned to match the Disney movie with the love quote. That game I won at.

It was small and intimate. My maid of honor, the best mans wife, and my aunts and mother all attended. It was quiet and tiny. There was plenty of good food, good conversation, and laughter. The gifts were all lovely, coffee, teas, French press, electric knife, teacups, table cloth, pillows, hangers, personalize towels, and some small tokens of appriciation and love. It was the perfect bridal shower. Not so big that I was anxious, and very comfortable.

It was ideal. I had so much fun.


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