“Hey. What’s the reason that girls didn’t get moved yesterday?”

The message came through Facebook and was referring to the size 7-14 girls area of our children’s department. What I was trying to figure out was…why was I being contacted at home on my day off?

Stupidly I responded.

“I was under the assumption that dresses had to be kept on the main aisle until after Easter. Was I wrong?”

“Big girls is supposed to come up next to the dresses. Little girls in the back.”

“Oh shoot. Sorry Dear. Misunderstood.

Not sure I would have had time to do it anyway to be honest though. Corporate was asking for pictures from our managers and neither of them knew how to send them from their phones to their email. That took me a bit. Then trying to get Cluster downloaded on the iPad…which never happened because I don’t know the Apple ID for our iPads.”
I left it at that. It’s my day off and while I’m taking responsibility for not getting it done, I really don’t give a damn. Not that much of one anyway. I was actually under the assumption that Home and Boys were the only departments I was supposed to work on. They were the other priorities that another Manager told me to do, and on top of the other priorities I had going on that suddenly came up.

What I’m most upset about right now, is how I’m being contacted at home on my day off.

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