“The attachment isn’t here…”
That was odd indeed.

I threw my covers off and put a bra on. Pulling my tshirt over myself I wandered groggily to the kitchen and put on a Nantucket Blend K-Cup. How many days ago was it? Two? Three? I couldn’t recall. I was so busy trying to get things together for my wedding and with work that the days felt like they were blurring together. No matter. Often I’ll send the Marketing Director materials and she won’t get back to me for days. Another 20 min wouldn’t kill her if I didn’t respond right his moment. I finished my coffee and went back to my room to put on pants.

Pulling up to my computer I opened the full e-mail. She wasn’t wrong. The attachment wasn’t there. So I pulled up the InDesign file and did a quick skim through of all 32 pages of my document. Nothing amiss. So I exported it, dropped the copy into Dropbox and replaced the file on my desktop and in my external. Clicked back to the screen with her email and attempted the upload again.

“This attachment is 0 bytes.”


I went to the PDF icon on my desktop. Nothing. No matter. Everything was saved. Probably just need to restart my computer. I ejected the external safely and then restarted my computer. When my desktop screen came up…

…the file was gone.

Thankfully it was on the external, so I plugged it in and clicked the folder.

It wasn’t there.



Looked in Dropbox at the icon that claimed it was my file.

I saw it. Just there. A looming “0 bytes” to the right of it.

“Lord, this shit is not fucking happening.” I say both prayerfully and angrily.

Immediately I called the Marketing Director and left her a message saying I had no idea where the file went. I suspected that in saving the file and exporting it , it somehow managed to become corrupted and just deleted its self. I had no idea. All 32 pages. Gone. Just like that. I called the museum and told them I wasn’t coming in. I sat back at my computer and looked in the project folder. All the content was still there. I stared at the screen for a moment, then abruptly I got up and put on another K-Cup.

Let’s do this.

I pulled up the PDF of a previous version of the design that I had sent to the director and started to copy and paste the text into an InDesign document. I pulled up my Process Booklet on the project to refresh my memory of what size and what font each header was. Never thought this would be useful to me. I learned to do this in college. Just became a habit, and one I suspected was invented just for designers who get paid by the hour. I started building Characters Styles. I had to. This was the only way. Since none of the content in the folder was missing, and I didn’t have the money to pay back my client (it all went to property taxes and bills), I really had only one option. I had to rebuild it.

It took five hours of my life. The first two for the text editing, and he rest for photo placing and scaling, extra design elements, and rebuilding a diecut for the pocket folder they wanted in the back of the booklet for holding handouts. By 3pm, I was able to send a PDF to the marketing difrector for another revision process. Including the previous revisions from the PDF I had sent her.

It’s the fastest I had ever designed anything.

Now I look back and see how even doing the right things can lead to unfruitful results. I’m glad I was able to rebuild the project. I was glad things were not worse. I was glad I didn’t get sued.

Now I’m glad I’m a few days past it, and the adrenaline can be replaced with a Gin and Tonic.

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