Busy Week

I’ve been out with people nearly every night this week. Which is odd for me. As an introvert I’m almost always isolating myself to give me plenty of time to recharge, especially since I work in customer service and spend pretty much 24/7 with people. Not this week though.

On monday night I had some time to myself, which was nice. Monday’s are my long days at work because of corporate conference calls….which are always a waste of time. most of them could have been e-mails anyway. Whatever. So I spent the night in working on a  freelance design project for the local hospital, which is about two months, actually going on three months, over our deadline….thankfully not my fault, but the client’s since they were not very well prepared for this project in the first place.

On Tuesday, a lady friend of mine and coworker asked me to hang out at the bar with her while her boyfriend worked. It was super nice. I ate the biggest burger of my life, sat and chatted, got to know the bartender and a few other regulars there, and had only my 4th bar experience…plus the nicest dark beer I have ever had…something called “Left Hand” or whatever. Was super good, and surprisingly chill.

I’m not used to bar scenes though.

I recall back in high school, having an art teacher who often drank too much and wouldn’t be very easy to deal with during the week. For some reason he was always very hungover on Wednesday mornings, and i recall my brother and I, who often had the same classes together in high school, remaking with questioning remarks “Who drinks that much on a Tuesday.” I chuckle now, because that Tuesday night I stared at the quiet few at that bar, still wondering why they did, and why I was, drinking on a Tuesday. Especially when I had to work the next day. Still, I enjoyed myself.

On Wednesday I went out for drinks again, with my Home Store manager, and now good friend. We had a particularly rough week dealing with our new Store Manager, who isn’t really that bad of a guy, but really sucks at being tactful or listening to our grievances. His responses to our questions seemed critical, short, and not very empathetic. He seems to get angry over collaboration, and doesn’t seem to want collaboration to happen…which is impossible to do in a retail environment, and is about 90% of my job. So you can see how I feel about it. He’s new to the company, and probably overwhelmed, but so is our Home Store manager, who also has a lot of deep seeded insecurities from an obviously dark past she keeps hinting at, but I know little about, and possibly will never know.

That night we went out for margaritas. We both had two, and did our best to vent about work before our beverages arrived, and spoke a lot more about the fact that we were both getting married very soon, had difficult lives with complex families, and really enjoyed each other greatly.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that Tuesday night I had applied for a different position at another company, simply because of how hard our new Store Manager was to work with. Since I hadn’t even heard back from the other company I had no intention of really telling anyone outside of my fiancé, family, and you, my very anonymous and faithful readers. I wondered how badly she would react to it when I did tell her. Her current insecure state told me that it would probably be severe. She might stop speaking to me over it. She was like that. As she talked to me about how she felt like I was the only person who seemed to back her up on anything, a little of me felt badly, but at the same time, as my margarita fogged my brain and made me relax, I realized it was not my place to stay where I felt I could not work anymore, and since I didn’t know how the application process was going, I wasn’t sure anything would come of the prospect anyway. So I kept my mouth shut.

Thursday I spent my day off at the museum working on a project I had been tasked with several weeks ago. That night I met my friend and her seven-year-old for dinner at a local restaurant that I had yet to visit. I decided not to drink this time, since I had already drank more this past week than I ever had. We just talked vaguely about life since little ears were present. She spoke about her struggle with the man she was dating, I spoke on my struggle with wedding planning and design stuff, which I was glad to be almost done with both. We ate dessert after our amazing meals and went our separate ways.

Friday night I laid in bed and did nothing but reply to invitations to go out on Saturday. All declines. This weekend will be quiet. I’m thankful for that. Just laying around. Some design revisions on my project. Quiet nothingness involving little tasks like laundry, vacuuming the house, and basic cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen. I’m not listening to music today. I’m not spending the day daydreaming as I usually do. Just focusing on the small daily tasks that I’ve been avoiding the past week.

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