Not That Kind of Manager 

“Will you always be here to help me with this?”

“Well, no, this is one of those things you really ought to be self sufficient at eventually.”

She tightened her lips. I knew she didn’t like that response. That’s the way these things go though. When you work in the retail industry your Visual Manager isn’t always there to get things done. She should know that. She’s worked retail before.

I’m not used to people who are so insecure that they are immobilized in life or work. Since she started working at our store as a manager I have had to do a lot of encouraging and hand holding with her to get things accomplished. The issue is she has zero confidence. Yet, she’s done this stuff before. She’s worked in retail most of her life. She has no reason to be insecure. Sure, our store has some issues. One of them being her lack of training, an other being that her department has some strong personalities that like to think they’re running the department, or go to other managers instead of her to ask questions or to undermine her answers. So I get it. It’s hard, but instead of being assertive, she just stews angrily until she’s made herself so upset she can’t see straight.

Our management really hasn’t done much to train these new managers though, and here is why….they’re stressed out. I know, it’s not a valid excuse, but in their stress they’ve become so unapproachable, they come across as short and almost condescending, and no one wants to approach someone who seems rude or mean about stuff when they honestly have no idea what to do and need guidance.

So what happens when leadership is unapproachable? They go to the next person they can think of who is available, helpful, and approachable…in other words…me. I don’t mind helping gen either, but I know that there are things I can’t and shouldn’t try to answer. I can train on Visual things. That’s it. Some POS stuff. Things like that that ever associate knows. But manager stuff? I’m not that kind of manager.

You can imagine my inner empath and my introvert is very stressed out right now. I have so much going on between wedding planning, freelance design projects for the local hospital, designing jewelry, and trying to still have a social life. Tonight I plan on having margaritas with this manager I’m speaking of, because despite her insecurities at work, she is still a really fun person to hang out with and a very good friend to me. We enjoy each others company. Still, I also cannot wait for the weekend when I have time to introvert and decompress from all the stuff this week has thrown at me.


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