Bad Management 

“We got a lot done today.”

She rolled her eyes and I made a questioning face at her.

“He doesn’t think we did. He thinks we just wasted that last half hour doing nothing. He doesn’t believe in collaboration.”

I paused stunned, and the look on my face must have shown my shock, because she nodded disapprovingly at the thought of him and whispered assuringly to me “I know. I know.”

“That’s one of our corporate values!” I whispered very loudly knowing he was just through the door in his office, but half hoping he heard me. “How the hell does a manager get away with being a manager when he doesn’t believe in collaboration?”

She shrugged and hid in her office waiting for the meeting to start. I asked if I was meant to stay for the 1pm meeting even though I was only scheduled to 1pm. He had told her no, that it wasn’t important for me to be there. Like I wasn’t even part of the team.

On the drive home, as the sun glittered off the lake, I tried to hold myself together. In the past three years of being a Visual Merchandiser, I had never run into a manager who degraded my job so much that I couldn’t function, or was in fear of a fight, or knowing my job never matters to my own manager.

I sat in front of my computer. Wondering where to even start. Do I look for jobs I want, or do I look for what’s available around here? Filling out applications always feels overwhelming. Personality tests, basic math skills tests. All felt far too daunting to be worth my time. I love my job. I care about my job. Why was it that no one else does?

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