I had posted a thread of comments recently. Ones made by people from other countries on a post about how in America it’s less expensive to take an uber to the hospital than it is to take an ambulance. The commenters were from countries like Canada where public health was prominent. One commenting about how “the government” was the one who pays for that kind of thing if another individual calls an ambulance for you.

The mother of a former friend of mine commented “I wonder who “the government” is 🤔.” Sarcastically. I wanted to scream at her in all-caps, but I knew that wouldn’t do any good. You can’t fix stupid. Especially when they’re healthy people who don’t understand the plight of staying alive and the cost it takes.

What bothers me even more is she’s pro-life and Christian. You can’t kill unborn fetuses, but when it comes to taking care of people who are already alive and here, she doesn’t want her tax dollars going to that. Yet, she’ll give to her church to take care of people in her congregation, but not people outside of it.

Where is her sense of community? Where is this idea of Christ’s love coming from? Jesus didn’t heal those in the congregation of the church. The church didn’t exists yet. He didn’t just minister to Jews either. So why so much exclusivity? As a fellow Christian I wanted to correct her. To say something to her about it, but I knew it was no use. She wouldn’t understand. After so many years of believing something, it takes a great deal to change a mind. Especially in a culture so willing to be individualist.

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