Sit and Look Pretty

I spent 20 min of my life this morning putting on makeup. Mixing some of my favorite eye shadows, blending, delicately brushing on mascara. Each passing moment I watched my face transform from a regular early morning to “I wish I woke up like this.”

Prior to the makeup I had spent 5 min exfoliating my face and washing it. After that I moisturized and finished with an illuminating and rejuvenating oil. I put a primer on my skin after all the oil absorbed. I did the same with my lips to give them some moisture since they were so dry.

I chose my clothing carefully. An oversized military green asymmetrical sweater with skinny jeans. I put on my Michael Kors open toe wedges that I had found at the thrift store last week for two bucks. I looked myself over in the mirror before taking to Instagram and posting my best selfies. Something about how I nearly never wear green, and how I always seem to pass it up, even though I look nice in green. Something shallow like that.

Why all this preparation you ask?

Absolutely no reason. I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying home and looking lovely in my own space without eyes to see me. Other than my cat of course. Who doesn’t care. For she is cat and has no concern of the human world. So I take selfies until I’m bored with them. Then I lay on the couch and brows Instagram, pin things on Pinterest, and eat…usually apples and peanut butter.

Then I complain on social media how I want to go out and dress pretty and do fun things, but never seem to get around to doing it.

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