My phone sees little use now that I have Internet. With the exception of when my fiancé or mother contacts me I really have very little use for it. Which is disappointing when you consider how much I pay, even using Walmart’s Straighttalk, since I don’t particularly use it much. Still I have a phone, and while I like having the capacity to use it, I find myself very glad and free, when I do not have it on me.

While most of my friends use their smartphones for everything, I find myself completely ignoring it much of the time. When I’m with other people, like my family or at a party, I pretty much put it away in my purse and let my purse lay in a corner or on a guest bedroom bed. I don’t touch my phone unless I need to get a hold of someone, show a picture, or take a picture in group settings. Even then, I often evaluate the effort it takes to take photos when finding my purse and digging in it is a factor. Usually I’m too lazy to get it out. So we use whoever has theirs more handy and just ask them to tag us in the image when they post it.

Today, while I was sitting on my couch thinking of something to write. I realized that when my fiancé and I are moved in together, my phone won’t see much use. When we live in close proximity we will be able to communicate in person. Sure we’ll probably send little cute texts or ask one or the other to pick up something on their way home from work, but outside of that, most of my time will be put into communicating in person and living together in the same space. My phone won’t see much of me. I won’t be as attached to it. I’ll probably leave it home a lot.

I’m kinda excited about that.


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