Snow Piles

Throat sore, I turned off my alarm and attempted to swallow. Dry winter air often makes my throat raw, and lately it makes my home more and more dry, making my throat more and more susceptible to the raw painfulness that usually follows. I drank a few swallows of water before taking my thyroid meds this morning and then put on some coffee. Hoping that the warm beverage would help smooth my throat and not completely destroy it. I looked out the window. My driveway hardly visable in the heaps of snow. I sighed.

As I drank my coffee I had a good view of my neighbor across the street as he plowed out his driveway. The entire time I watched as with ease and practice he cleaned off the 13 inches without even a struggle. I got dressed. I put on my scarf, hat, and my boots. I stepped out into the cold and opened the garage to fetch my shovel.

In only a few moments as I began to chip away at the huge pile of snow left from the plow at the end of my driveway, that same neighbor and another next door had arrived with his snow blower and the other with a snow sweeper. “Can you tell I’m a first time home owner.” I joked with them and they laughed and said they’d be more than happy to assist until I got my own.

As I took care of my stoop and sidewalk they took care of my driveway. We spoke for a few minutes after they had finished as they introduced themselves and gave me advice for when I got around to purchasing my own snow blower. As they went on their way to take care of he rest of the neighbors much older than myself, I felt super greatful and wondered if I’d be able to find a way to repay them.
It was an awesome blessing to have such kind neighbors, and even more so to realize that there were good people out there. It simply reinforced that I had been right when I bought the house, and it felt like home already. This was what community looked like. This was what we were supposed to be doing. Taking care of each other when we see needs. It was a great relief to know that my neighbors were looking out for me.


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