Snow Storm

As I drove home today, I watched the water in the lake undulate with great effort. Obvious signs of freeze tipping each wave as the chunks of ice and slush washed over the snow drifts at the shore and danced upon each wave. The lake was slush as far as the eye could see. The air crisp and dry, causing each breath to be followed by a cough if one inhailed too sharply. My hands only just began regaining sensation as I drove into my driveway. The wind blew as I came inside.

The news reported potential for almost 14 inches of snow, and here I sit in my tiny toasty house, warm under my throw blankets, and completely safe from the cold blustering winter storm beginning its quite transition from small flurry to blizzard. I’m Nuzzled under my down comforter and listening to the quiet hum of the heater as it keeps my home it’s comfortable 70 degrees Farenhiet. My cat is happily tucked into a paper bag she dragged into the living room for herself after a grocery shopping trip I had taken on Monday, and has proceeded to sleep in it fairly consistently the last several nights. I don’t know what to expect. The weather is ever changing and I simply don’t have time to pay that close of attention to it. I prepare for the worst, like everyone else does.
Thigh oddly enough preparing for the worst meant doing all the Christmas shopping you had to this very day during a winter weather advisory. Every register was open. Every associate was on deck ringing people through and offering the best customer service that he or she could. It was relentless. Many customers were upset at the lines and how slowly things were moving. I was upset they were foolish enough to come in and buy all their gifts on a day like today. Still, one cannot fix stupid.

So now I rest. Thankful that I have no other tasks this weekend and even more thankful that I don’t have work.


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