As I exited the grocery store I took the opportunity to empty my wallet of change into the red bucket and wish the bell ringer a Merry Christmas. I dragged my large cart of over 200 bucks worth of groceries to the trunk of my car, contemplating my fortune as I filled the large trunk space with my consumable goods. I had a great deal to be thankful for, despite the fact that I also had my own personal woes.

For starters, I’m thankful for my amazing family, who have been nothing but loving and supportive as I go through the transitions of being a new home owner and engaged. I’m forever thankful to my parents for all the small projects they’ve helped me with at my house, and all the emotional support they’ve provided me with while I whine and cry through the stress of planning and paying for my wedding. I’m also thankful to my future in-laws for helping to pay for the wedding and putting up with all the emotions of my fiancĂ© after I put him through my emotional shit-storms, and my aunts for all their financial support and well-meaning, though often irrelevant, advice.

Im thankful for being a home owner. That I’ve been able to pay my bills and take care of things on my own, or with the handy help of my father who is a contractor and can save me tons of money by offering to do my little projects. I’m thankful that I have a reliable vehicle in these bitterly cold and snowy winter days. I’m also thankful for my warm home that will eventually house not only myself, but my amazing fiancĂ©, and all the near and dear friends I can, once I get a bed in my second bedroom. I’m thankful that I have an oven in my home that I can make awesome food with, and the funds to be able to afford the food I make. I’m thankful for the ability to sit here in my cozy home and use Internet to write this post. I’m thankful that my cat seems happy in the warmth of our home and is purring her satisfaction as we speak inside a paper bag I brought home from the grocery store.

I’m thankful for my health, while it has not necessarily been good diabetes wise, it could be worse. I’ve not been very sick for a long while now, and I’m only just feeling the touch of a cold now. I’m thankful for the kombucha I have in my glass at hand, helping me feel better, naturally. I’m thankful for the kind and wonderful neighbor who took their snow plow to my driveway yesterday so that I don’t have to go back out in the negative degree weather to scrape the terrible shoveling job I did the day prior. I’m thankful to the former home owner for leaving behind a shovel so I can shovel my own driveway.

I’m thankful to the wonderful ladies who are my bridesmaids. The women who have loved me and supported me in everything even from a great distance. I’m continually feeling blessed to have them. My life, because I don’t think I’d be able to do life without them. I may have never made it this far without my beloved sisters in Christ. Their generosity and love has been an inspiration to me, and I just can’t think of better friends. I’m thankful for my Bible study, and those friends I was finally able to connect with and build a church family with. The goofy, down to earth, and faithful that I’ve been doing life with. I’m so thankful for their prayers and being in their lives.

Above all of this, I’m so thankful to God for giving me this life I have. Pain and struggles, joys and happiness, He has been there and provided time and time again.


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