“I’ve seen a lot of money come out of the account…”

My aunt had begun her e-mail in that same passive aggressive manner that she always did. Concern, but not understanding. I closed the e-mail and didn’t read more of it.

She’s the watchdog of my accounts. The one who does my online trading and manages my trust fund account. She helped me when I needed funds to buy the house. She helped me with paying for school and getting those funds together. Now she watches every purchase I make from her office, and messages me like the teacher reading over your shoulder as you write a note to a fellow student about not understanding the material. She yells at you for writing the note without understanding the message.

At risk, of sounding unchristian.

Of fucking course there is a ton of money coming out of the account. I fucking have a wedding to fucking pay for. I have fucking bills and a fucking house to run! I’m working the only fucking job I can find right now because I got rejected from four others I applied for that paid more and were full time because I was fucking “over qualified” as the rejection letters told me. So fuck you.


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