Black Friday

It’s Sunday. Several days away from Black Friday. Still, my body has not recovered. This morning my oft ached so much that it was almost difficult to breath. My head is still foggy and I’ve had two cups of coffee. In church I could hardly keep my eyes open, thankfully it was a prayer service and closing my eyes for a moment went unnoticed, though I desperately wanted to pray, my body just wouldn’t let me.

Every year I tell myself that I don’t think I can make it through another Black Friday. Every year in still working retail despite my search for new employment. “We find you overqualified” one of my applications was responded to. Apparently I’m “over qualified” to lift and move mattresses at a factory. Don’t they just want the body to move things? All the same, I’m stuck in retail and stuck doing Black Fridays. Every year my body rejects it more and more.

Thankfully this year wasn’t so bad. I didn’t get any rude customers. The overnight was quiet and I cleaned through most of it. Goofed off with the other associates. Restocked. Went home at 10am. Slept until 4pm.

Still, I’m exhausted. Still I’ll complain.


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