Misfit Toys: A Plot Hole

We started playing Christmas music at the store recently. Though it feels a bit early, the music has been welcomed since it replaced the crappy eurohouse elevator music combo that usually plays. So I’ve been greatful to have music I can actually sing along with.

This morning, as I was using my caffeine high to push through getting a ton of socks out for Black Friday, I was humming along to one of my favorite Christmas songs: The Most Wonderful Day of the Year made popular by none other, than the Misfit Toys from Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. I love that song, because it’s sung by a freak show of toys who have been sadly shunned to an island for being different, and wanted to be loved by little boys and girls just as much as the other “normal” toys were. A group I resonated with, feeling like such a misfit myself. They were practically my spirit animals.

As I hummed, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Didn’t all toys come from Santa’s workshop? If so, wouldn’t it have been an elf’s fault that those toys would have been made in such an abnormal way? So it wasn’t ther fault they were made poorly, and who was that elf then who did ? Why did he make those toys so badly, and furthermore, why wasn’t he shunned with them? To top off all my questions already presented…why were there square wheels to “accidentally” put on a caboose anyway? And who wouldn’t love a squirt gun that shoots jelly? Or a dolly that played Opposite Day all the time?

This plot hole disturbed me. Why did no one try to fix those toys? Santa’s workshop must, indeed, have the technology to fix those issues that the misfit toys had. Why didn’t they just go back and ask to be repaired? Or did they and were they refused?

Why was everyone so freaking judgy at the North Pole!


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