A Comment I Didn’t Post…

A girl I know posted a question on Facebook asking people what they got bullied for in school. There was an overwhelming response to the question, which not only spoke volumes to the cruelty of humanity, but also opened a wound in my heart that spilled out a comment I wanted to post for everyone to see. After writing it I ended up deleting it, because I was afraid that it sounded too overdramatic. I put a shorter one that was concise and got the point across, but didn’t go into the details. I copied the comment though, deciding that if I was going to be “over dramatic” I might as well be here. So here it goes.

Pretty much everything related to my diabetes. Having to take shots after eating. Having to get pulled out of a basketball game/ gym class for low blood sugars so I didn’t die, and then being told I was faking it. For having an electronic device that kept me alive in class and was constantly being mistaken for a cell phone (yes by a teacher) when I was taking insulin. For taking blood sugars in class by students and teachers alike (which is actually illegal for them to do). By a few past boyfriends for having an electronic device that kept me alive attached to my body (“Can’t you like…take it off when I’m around or something?”). For “over reacting” when people reacted badly to my disease. For being “dramatic” when I had low blood sugars (which feel horrible physically and is literally your body telling you you’re dying). For constantly fluctuating in weight because of erratic blood sugars. For being sick all the time because of my crappy immune system. For carrying around a backpack full of medical stuff. Not looking “sick enough” to be exempt from activities. I was literally called “Diabetty” in school…and my own brothers started that joke.
School was just the worst…so all I pretty much did was read and find others who were like me: loved learning, creative, and had invisible diseases.

I think what makes me feel worse about this is that a wound caused by being bullied in school literally was the reason I didn’t post this comment. I should have posted it, but again, humanity is cruel. The only redeeming part is being able to post it here…so at least someone knows. So that this 25 year-old self can justify the little girl who grew up hurting silently.

So now I pose the question to you all: What did you get bullied for in school? Because we all know we got bullied for something by someone. Please keep this post a safe place for people to express themselves. Thank you.


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