A Week From Today

” I’ll leave you a bunch of yard stuff in the garage. Since I know you’re coming from an apartment, you won’t have a mower or gas cans or anything right?”

“No I dont.”

“I’ll leave that stuff. Is there anything else you need or anything you want me to take away?”

“Honestly, if you don’t feel like moving it you can leave it. I’m not intimidated at all by getting rid of things I don’t need. Just worry about taking what matters to you and I’ll gladly take care of the rest. I’m pretty easy going.”

It was by a great fortune that the seller of the house I’m buying went to my church. He is selling on behalf of his father, who is dealing with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He had approached me to ask if there was anything else I wanted at the house or if it would bother me if he left things. It didn’t matter much to me. If he found alternative uses for things I didn’t feel the need to hang on to them. If he didn’t feel like moving it, it wouldn’t be a problem. My parents have a dump trailer. If it’s unwanted we’ll just fill it up and take it to the thrift store/landfill/recycling center.

My house is on a quiet little street in a tiny lakeside town nestled between two large rivers that feed into Lake Michigan. I’m  three blocks from an awesome park and four blocks from the beach in one direction and four blocks from a cute little historic down town in the other. It puts me even closer to the museum, which makes me very excited since we have so many events that I’ll be able to make it to much more easily. Of course I’ll be further from work, but the commute is only 15 minutes. So it’s not like it’s a huge thing. Besides it might be nice to call off work on days that I’m snowed in, instead of having to trudge to work on foot in a blizzard.

The house it’s self is a boring little ranch style home. Three bedrooms, a bathroom, full basement with a pool table and a work bench. The yard is a bit bigger than I had hoped for, but there is enough room to extend the garage and make it a two car. As of right now, every wall in this place is white, so upon closing next week Thursday I will immediately paint the livingroom and master bedroom. That following Saturday I’m hosting a moving party. Bunch of my friends are coming from all over to help me haul things and hopefully I’ll be fully moved out and able to clean my apartment from top to bottom before turning in my keys.

While my little apartment has served me just fine, I’m very glad to leave it. I’ll be able to own a piece of property that is mine to do what I wish. I can actually paint walls. I’ll be able to grow my own veggies if I want. I won’t have to worry about having a landlord come in and rummaging through my stuff. My neighbors won’t be able to hear every step I make in my kitchen at 3am. I’ll have a garage to put my car in without the fear of someone coming into my open parking lot, breaking in, and rummaging through my car. No more loud parties to wake me up. No more unexpected car alarms. No fighting spouses or screaming children. I won’t have to depend on off site management to take care of problems like leaking roofs as has happened twice here. At least if something goes wrong with my house, I’ll be able to take care of it right the first time and not put a bandaid on things to make them worse. Also, I won’t have to deal with a parking lot that has lots of potholes. That I’m very excited about.

I feel so gratful and fortunate to have this opportunity. Not just because I was cutting it close to the wire with my lease being up, but because of the many people who helped me get to this point. I’m thankful for my aunts who had set up the fund I was able to buy the house with when I was born. I’m thankful to the many friends who have supported me in prayer and encouragement as I stressfully dealt with house hunting. I’m thankful for the friends who all offered to help me move. I’m thankful to God for giving me good neighbors, opportunities, and friends and family who all offered to help me with anything I needed before, during, and after the move. I’m thankful to you, my readers, for putting up with my rants and venting.

Overall, I praise God for His faithfulness and patients as I dealt with so much anxiety, doubt, and fear. He provided all the right people at the right time. Even though I doubted and feared. He is good.


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