No Answers…Again

“Even the other realtor is shaking her head. You were a sure thing! I don’t know why they didn’t take your offer.”

“Because of a number difference. I’m not surprised at all.”

That’s what it came down to. They didn’t care that I was paying cash. They saw I was below what the other offer was, even though the other buyer was not approved for their loan. Even though I was the clean offer. Even though I could prove I could offer them all I promised, asked for no inspection, and wanted to close by October 12th, they didn’t care. They saw numbers. They knew numbers. Not the details of how promised numbers could be taken away by a lack of willingness to provide a loan. They saw bigger numbers and decided to risk it. Or forgot their was a risk at all. I was a sure thing. Now I wasn’t.

“Tell them I withdraw my offer and if they want me to reconsider the house I’m putting in for an even lower offer next time. I don’t have months to wait for their plan to unravel. I need a place soon.”

“Agreed. Let’s look at a couple places tomorrow.”

The house hunt continues.

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