The Best Way to Wake Up

I heard him come into my room and I stirred from my sleep.

“Baby are you awake?”

“Come be with me.” I said with sleep still tainting my words. Groggy I patted the empty side of the bed. I felt drunk, but I knew I was just overtired.

“I have a surprise for you babe.” He said as he placed himself at the edge of the bed and hovered there for a moment.

“Really? What is it?” I whispered more interested and a bit more awake. The prospect of a surprise is always a good motivator in the morning.

He handed me the t-shirt and as I unfolded it (which was hard to do while still laying down) I looked at the image. It was a depiction of DC comic’s Death, as though up by Neil Gaiman from the Sandman series. The quote beneath the image: “You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.” I was thrilled. One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite graphic novel series. I recalled having asked for that shirt before. I was glad to have it.

“Thank you my love. It’s wonderful. Very thoughtful of you.”

“That’s not the surprise baby.”


“This is.”

He handed me a small cardboard box.

“I know I’m not a perfect man…”

“Wait…are you proposing to me right now?”

“…I’m getting there if you’ll let me…”

“Sorry. Sorry. Proceed.”

“Listen…We’ve only got one lifetime. I’m not…”

“EMILY, DID YOUR BROTHER COME HOME LAST NIGHT OR WAS HE OUT ALL NIGHT?!” My mother called from the other room groggy and clearly still under the influence of her medications.



He sat at the edge of the bed poised with ring in and. Smiling and shaking his head trying very hard not to roll his eyes at us. I looked back at him and nodded.

“Can I finish?”

“No, I’m already saying yes, so you don’t have to even ask.”

“Okay… good….I guess…wait let me turn on the light so I can put this on your finger.”

He stumbled in the half dark as the light from the hallway led him to the door frame. He switched on the light, and I was already prepared with my eyes closed so the sudden brightness wouldn’t blind me. When both our eyes adjusted he sat down against the edge of the bed as I finished slipping the t-shirt over my tank top. He then proceeded to put the ring on my finger and I finally got my first glance of my engagement ring.

It was perfect.

When we had spoken of rings in the past, I told him I wanted a single stone, white sapphire, and I wanted it to look like it was forged by Elves in Middle Earth. I had sent him several links ages ago to sites that he could basically choose any ring from and not go wrong. Like…8 sites…and that was probably back in March of last year. I was not disappointed with his choice. Not in the least.

So there we were. In our pajamas in my parent’s guest room. I admiring my ring with my makeup smeared on my face because I had forgotten to bring remover. He holding me close and kissing my forehead, whispering how much he loves me. I squealed and kissed him so hard he almost fell off the bed. Then immediately ran to my mom’s room to show her my ring with a mist of tears in my eyes as I choked “Mommy I’m getting married!”
It was the perfect way to wake up.
After my mother saw the ring and finished asking me to check if my brother was home, he and I intended to snuggle in bed for a bit. Of course I was too excited to really sleep and I couldn’t sit still from the excitement, but in my state I was still tired. “Should we get coffee in the kitchen?” He asked me as I rubbed the rest of my eyeliner onto my hand probably making matters worse. His touched his nose to mine and we both were far too happy to be concerned with raccoon eyes and morning breath. “Come on, I’ll make you coffee baby.” He proceeded to grab my hand and lead me to the kitchen. I followed. Practically on air. Floating.

He made us our coffee and we sat on the couch in the living room. He told me his tale of getting the ring. He had the ring since March. When he first came to visit he decided he was going to wait to propose in July when he went camping with us, but work had refused him the time off, and he was very upset. So when he came to visit this time, he had intended to do it at the lighthouse in town, but on the day we planned to go I had started my period, and I was pissy and crabby and really tired. So we snuggled on the couch that day. The next morning he proposed. It was raining outside and he knew it wouldn’t be a day to go to the lighthouse. So, he proposed to me that morning. In bed. Knowing he was leaving the next day and not wanting to leave me for a second time without having put a ring on my finger.

It may not sound like the most romantic proposal. But it was very much perfect for us. There is no place I find more romantic than a bed. No time of day more beautiful than early morning. No better place than snuggling in the arms of the one you love, and of course, followed by morning coffee, still in the arms you love. Wearing the comfiest and coolest t-shirt and the most beautiful engagement ring.
It was everything I wanted, and my heart was very happy. It still is very happy. I’m getting married to the love of my life.

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