To Kill or Not to Kill

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. I’m interested to see how people respond to it. It’s so philosophical. It forces me to ask so many other questions. Like, do I sacrifice my own morals because of the failing morals of another person? For example: if I were to kill a murderer, I then become a murderer. I become the ultimate abuser by abusing a disregard for human life and dignity just as they did. Is it better for one to exist to wipe out the another knowing that it may make no difference to the whole of humanity? How about if I can kill with the potential of more to come afterward? Also, where does the cycle end? Is there anyone who would wish to kill me? If everyone in the world had the mentality to kill then who would be left standing? Is death too good for them?

It’s the conundrum of morality found in fictions like Dexter or Deathnote or The Purge.

I pose to ask as well, how does one define wrongdoing? What is considered moral? If we were to visit diffrent cultures the morality of one would not match the others. Does it make it any less wrong? Is our worldview universal on any level that we could all come to the same conclusion of morality in any way? I come from a western culture that says certain wrongs are worse than others. I come from a Christian worldview that says all require grace because all are capable of wrong doings and that because of imperfection in humanity that there is not justice and no peace, which is why there can only be forgiveness to end chaos. So I find myself in constant conflict with my worldviews and posing to myself the many questions that follow this question.

In 24 hours only one other person responded besides myself to the Facebook post. I said no. I wouldn’t kill anyone. That as an empath I understand that I am broken like others and that I am only a breath away from being in their shoes. Perhaps I would or could be killed, but I wouldn’t kill anyone. The other individual said yes. That if they could kill more than one they would mass together rapists and child abusers.

I wish more would respond to it. It’s fascinating stuff.

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