Perfect Sense

“She chose drugs over him. I can’t believe that. Who chooses a thing like that over people who love you?”

I remained silent and contemplative. My mind racing at the possible responses, though I knew I was not required to reply. It really wasn’t any of my business.

The answer was simple to me though. I mean it’s addiction right? Addiction can be a nasty thing. But when it comes to choosing things over people, humans do it all the time. We turn on tvs and stare at our phones instead of having conversations. We buy clothes and makeup instead of groceries for our families. We go out for a drink alone instead of spending time with our significant others to settle conflicts or to just “get away” for a while. We choose things over people in small ways all the time. It’s easy to do, because it’s socially acceptable to do.

When it comes to drugs it’s more taboo to think about, but how is it any diffrent that turning on the tv or a movie to escape real life for a little while? To dive into a fiction or even to escape the mundane and turn on the news for the excitement in the world, to be involved with something distinctly not ourselves, is very human. So it me it all made perfect sense.


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