Just Marketing

You know what’s wonderful about all these new reboots they’ve been making lately? No one took the originals away from us. Isn’t that great?

Try telling that to the rest of my geek community.

Lately I have seen a great deal of hate towards reboots. Ghost Busters got tons of hate. PokemonGo is getting smashed on by former Gameboy Pokemon players here and there. I just don’t get all the hating, because they didn’t take away the originals from the geek community. All they did was make something new with an old name.

I mean, no one has to like anything if they don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean you attempt to ruin the enjoyment for someone else.

It isn’t like they took the old one away and said it was dead or obsolete. Or that it somehow was mysteriously and completely eradicated from the face of the Earth. Or that it was completely replacing the originals and suddenly all our VHSs and DVDs are playing the new version by some kind of unknown technological sorcery. They just used a name from a franchise to make something new and diffrent for the new and diffrent generation.

Why is the Geekdom getting so hyped up about it? Because they’re passionate. That’s exactly what drives most of a franchise: the fans dedication to their brand. SPOILER ALERT: franchises need to update as their former fans get older. Why? To make more money and continue to be relevant as their former fans die off. (Yes, even geeks die…unless their published.) That’s the way it’s always been. They don’t need to cater to you anymore, you’re old hat. You’ve been enculturated into the former fandom. They had you and they’re over you. Now they’re moving on. Usually to your children (assuming some of our geeky friends have found fellow geeky companions to procreate with). That’s just marketing folks and it’s okay. Why? Because some former fans might actually like the new stuff too, and they’re allowed to, but it’s still okay for original fans because the original still exists and it meant something to them and continues to.

So quit hating on the reboot culture so much, and let other people enjoy stuff in their own unique and geeky way.


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