Weird Week

It’s just one of those weeks where I feel like it started off weird and got weirder. Which doesn’t surprise me. I’m kinda a weird person surrounded by other weird people. It’s been interesting to say the least.Life goes in and out of feeling far too eventful and completely boring. Monday at work? Absolutely nothing for me to do at work but attend meetings. Tuesday at work? A manager left early because her dog had to have emergency neck surgery. The printer took an hour to print any thing (not an exaggeration). I had an entire department just fall over…like one fixture went and took all the rest out with it. The whole dress department. All of it. On top of all that, I had to be fake, because I’m dealing with a random and upsetting bout of depression, that of course came out of no where and for no reason. So while everyone else’s life is falling apart…mine is in tact, but full of the overwhelming depressing nature that is depression…and I’m the only one that’s trying to keep positive and bring up moral.

I know today is going to be a heavy workload kind of day. So last night, to emotionally prepare, I took myself out to dinner. While most people go to bars and wallow in their misery, I got to this Sub Shop called Fatsoz, where I tried to drown my sorrows in the best pizza sub a human being could ever get their hands on, and messaged a good friend about life, the universe, and everything.

Today we have a big sale set up. Lots of posters and in aisle displays. Lots of activity in the cosmetics department. Little displays for free gifts and such. Detail things. Lots of detail things. The kind of stuff that I know only one cup of coffee won’t be able to cover. So I’m drinking two and hoping the tired from my depression doesn’t counter act the caffeine. Some days that happens, like a battle between the forces of good and evil within my body, one trying to make me continue my guise as a productive member of society, and the other…trying to make the world see me for what a hot mess I really am.


4 thoughts on “Weird Week

  1. Would it be so bad if people saw the real you? I’ll bet a lot more people are faking it than we know. I did for a long time. I feel much better that I’ve stopped trying to hide my depression and PTSD. It’s been quite healing to me.

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