Movie Recommendations 

So I have a hard time sitting still for much, but the last week I finally watched and completed the entire Avatar: The Last Air Bender series (which I also recommend) and figured I was on a roll. So I picked up two movies I had never seen and decided to watch them. 

I highly recommend them both. Both are very deeply emotional, beautifully animated, with complex characters in a compelling storyline. Though both are very different in their own right, I recommend them both very highly. 

They aren’t really children’s movies. They deal with interesting cultural issues that most kids I think might struggle with. They are also both very sad in many places. However, it is because of these deep emotional themes and issues that they address that I highly recommend them. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 


2 thoughts on “Movie Recommendations 

  1. I tried to watch the Tale of Princess Kaguya, but the art kind of faltered my interest. I mean it’s beautiful in its own right, but I guess I just wasnt used to it.

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