It didn’t take me a sleepless night to know. I slept soundly. Silently. As the world blurred to foam and the pink and purple hues of dreamy froth became the world eclipsed against the sky’s of my own creation. 

The breath of beauty kept me quiet. The warmth of unknown kept me still. Diamond petals knew where to brush my skin and cut away the darkness I cloaked myself in. I was becoming raw. New. Scared into a new skin. Bled out for fresh blood to enter in. 
The night was not cold ever again. The world no longer under my feet and the twilight caused me to sink into the sky. My delicate hands could not grasp my heart as it fell before me. Away. Away. Away. 

Was it ecstasy? Was it vanity? Was it something else entirely? I didn’t know if I was supposed to care. As the twilight waters whisked me away on air and fantasy. 

Desolation had never been so lovely. Nor had madder music become the best wine. I could reflect again. As if I had finally seen myself for the first and last time. 

I was broken and opened up. I was shaken and stirred, like a frilly pink cocktail that fuzzed on your nose when you took the first sip. I could see through everything. So clearly. So very clearly. 

Then things fell back into their places. I was dropped back into my body like the heaviness of sleep cast over eyes that had stayed open far too long. I was lead. Awake, but not in the way I had hoped. 

Things were not new. Things were not knew. They were the least of known. I had only the know I had come with when I had began, and perhaps even less than I had though I had known. Concussion overtook me. Restlessness overcame me. Sensitivity maximized then numbed. 

 Uncivil it felt. Mysticism lost. Soul…so far away. Away. Away. Away.
I fell into place, and then fell apart. 


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