Food Stuff

“Whatcha having for a snack baby?” 

“Graham crackers dipped in orange juice.” 

“Um…what now?” 

“You heard me.” 

I didn’t tell him I had eaten sautéed apples and onions for dinner. Or that I ate a package of Raman…uncooked…the night before. I also failed to mention my snack of peanut butter and carrots a couple days prior. Or that most of my meals were simply made of frozen veggies and whatever cheese was on sale the last time I went grocery shopping. I did however have to admit to myself that my cooking was getting more creative as the food was getting more expensive. 

Food is expensive. Like really expensive. Even junk food, which used to be so reasonable for my poor college kid self, was too much for me now in adulthood. How did I even afford it in school with no job? I couldn’t remember. Maybe friends always chipped in? Maybe I mooched off them and I just don’t recall? I didn’t think I was that kind of loser then. 

Off brand Orios (the kind that taste like cardboard) are practically five dollars box now. Day-old glazed doughnut varieties from the bakery used to cost a dollar a half dozen. Now they’re  almost four bucks a half dozen. Even Raman was only thirty-five cents a package. Now? Sixty-seven cents a package. Fresh fruit and veggies? Not even close to affordable. I don’t even go to the produce section anymore. I don’t even bring my reusable bags to the store anymore. My cat usually just lays in them like they’re her house. I just carry what I can get in my arms when I leave the store, because that’s pretty much all I can afford. 

I’m starting to think I’m too poor to eat. 


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