Unwatched Series 

I have a very hard time sitting still. Which is somewhat remarkable because I feel like I’m pretty much tired all the time. You’d think I’d be an expert at sitting still and relaxing right? Apparently not.

I don’t own a TV. Just a 13″ MacBook Pro and a ton of DVDs of weird geek life movies and anime. I almost never actually sit down to watch stuff, but I have them incase I need them. Piles of DVDs. Favorites of mine. V for Vendetta. The Dark Knight films. Underworld. Big Fish. Moulin Rouge. The Firefly series and Serrenity movie. Pretty much anything from Studio Ghibli that I can get my hands on. All watched and well loved. 

I find myself having a hard time dedicating myself to shows. The entire series of Cowboy Beebop, Trinity Blood, Princess Jellyfish, and Narubi. All unwatched. Yesterday I bought the complete series of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I live in fear of never actually finishing the series, even though my heart is very much into trying. Right now I’m trying to push my way through Princess Jellyfish  before I start watching anything else. It’s proving to be a much more difficult task than I intended. The last anime series I finished took me four months on and off. Mushi-Shi. It was an excellent anime too. I just struggled to sit still through it because my mind was whirling from the possible stories I could spin off of it. 

I suppose that’s my biggest problem. My own active imagination. I should probably spend time writing fan fiction just to get the stories out of my system. That still wouldn’t solve my restlessness though. My inability to sit for long periods of time. It’s why when I was younger I was able to only write poetry and short stories. I could never write books. My thoughts were too unorganized. Too scattered. I had no way to collect them for longer than ten pages or so, and the story had to be able to be concluded in those ten pages. No longer. Now, I just have time for these blog posts, and some poetry. I don’t think I could sit longer and write more paragraphs than this. Then again that’s probably partly because I’m conducting my entire online life via smartphone which can get a bit annoying when typing. Besides, I have too much to do. Too much to keep me busy. 

Still, I’m determined to try to watch these collections, and hopefully I’ll be a successful otaku. 


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