The wind caused the roof to shudder and creak. I could feel the draft from the door cut like a razor across my exposed shoulders. I pulled the blanket tighter around me, knowing full well I would be a casualty. A victim to the war as mother nature allowed the warmth and the cold to wage for the territory of the season. The trees bent outside under the pressure of the winds. My mind felt as tattered and jostled as the branches must have felt. I got up and lit my candles in hopes of casting a bit more warmth and light. I was merely being hopeful. I knew all I would manage to do was have an apartment that smelled sweet.

It felt like the metaphor of my life. There I was, amidst the chaos of the whirling world. A wind storm, unrelenting and cold. Constantly threatening to come into my small sanctuary and knowing I’d eventually have to step out of it and face it all. I was lonely and barely holding on. Trying to brighten and warm the bits of moments I treasured with small flames of joy in my life. I felt strained and stretched that day. Overwhelmed. Restless. Tender. I could go on, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to curl up in my blanket and fall asleep…for a very very long time.

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