New Years Eve…Thus Far

“I’m just not feeling like going out tonight.” I replied after the offer to stay overnight was issued. It’s not that I want to be alone entirely on New Years Eve, but it’s just the idea of going to my parents house to party wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. Id rather be reading in the New Year or spending time marveling and reflecting on my life, then letting it fall away from me with the new day that happened to be the beginning of 2016. 

That evening a friend messaged me “Not to make you a plan B, but was wondering if you had and New Years Eve plans? Mine might fall through.” With my congested and coughing cat finally purring happily in my lap, I found it very hard to want to be anywhere else. I wasn’t convinced I needed to do anything for the New Year. What was the point? So 365 days had passed. I was tired just thinking about how much had happened in the last year, and I was ready to treat the next day like any other day, because it was after all. “Not at all offended to be a backup plan. I’ll be honest I need some alone time. I got people overload at Christmas and at work I just kinda wanna stay in and read.” 

My boyfriend messaged me a little while after that. Having only moved into his new house a few months prior he was mourning his loneliness. “None of my friends got back to me. This might be my very first new year alone at home.” He complained a little put out. I consoled him and told him if distance weren’t an issue aid be right there with him, which probably wasn’t much consolation at all. In fact, it probably made him feel worse so I amended my comment with another. “It’s no different than any other day anyway. Most people just use it as an excuse to just drink themselves to death. I’d rather sit in my apartment and read.” 

The celebration of the new year just doesn’t feel all that significant to me. Why celebrate the passing of a year when you can treat every day like a new beginning? If each day is filled with its own wonders and joys, how does a new year even become significant? You write a date different. So what? None of us have lived a new day, and we all already saw yesterday.We are all tired of yesterday. Glad to see it go. Why hold onto a whole year before letting it go? Why resolve each year when you can resolve each day? 


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