Give The Gift of Affirmation

I become extremely saddened when I see someone post a status about something meaningful or personal on their social network, and no one comments or affirms their realization. I’m sure you’ve seen it a lot too. Someone overcomes an I stoical in their life, or makes a really deep and meaningful realization and decides to become super vulnerable and post it on Facebook….and no one likes or comments to affirm their realization. Or worse, someone posts something funny or negative in response, negating the seriousness of their post or just plain being a jerk. 
I’m not the type of person who posts super personal things on Facebook. That’s what this blog is for anyway. 😉 Yet, I find myself very empathetic towards those people who do post serious personal reflections on their statuses. It’s only a few words, but those are words that mean something to them. They set those words free to the public, and for so many people, there is nothing worse than when the public cuts them down or doesn’t care. 
In many ways I wonder if social networking is desensitizing us to the emotions of others. We see so many passionate debates and drama ridden comment threads, that perhaps when something encouraging or meaningful happens, we lack a response because it’s not in-your-face dramatic? It’s not calling for you to notice as much as the political posts and the Facebook fights, so you end up not noticing, or when you do, you feel nothing. Someone has something good happen in their life? There are about thirty million bad situations overshadowing it. Or perhaps the person reading the status is jealous and has to troll because life hasn’t been so easy lately? One never really knows and can only speculate. 
Still, I feel for those people a great deal. I do my best to at least hit the like button or add a small comment if encouragement to their status. It’s the least I can do to show them that someone out there cares. 


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