College Kids

I didn’t ever recall the internet being that fast when I went to school there. Then again, it was a Saturday when I visited, and besides myself there were only two other individuals in the room, one of which was reading a paperback and not at all interested in internet use at the time. 

Things were quiet, even the dining hall had only a handful of visitors. But, I kept reminding myself it was only 10am on a Saturday. Students would be sleeping in from their all nighters and co-ed open hours the night before. It’s was still practically dark out with the cloud coverage anyway. No one probably knew it was morning yet. Who could blame them? 

On my way through the parking lot I had heard a voice I recognized. I didn’t see his face, but I knew who it was. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him since graduation, but we had spent a great deal of time together his freshman year. I was over at his dorm room almost every weekend my senior year, because all my guy friends lived together. Had he even seen me? Would he recognize me? He was only shouting out his car window to another student. Probably a fellow athlete. He was a jock, but the kind who was an undercover geek. So our weekends after the games consisted of playing Fall Out: New Vegas and watching Sponge Bob or whatever good cartoon series we could borrow from whoever had it. 

It was strange to hear his voice at all, because what made the visit weirder was realizing that few to no one I knew was on that campus. Sure a few professors, and maybe one or two people were still going on their sixth year trying to graduate, but the rest? The rest were long gone, married or engaged, and living their lives wherever they ended up landing a job. Not much different than myself. All trying to make it on our own. Living without the lending hands and community you were used to. 

That was one of the things I missed about college. Communal living. You didn’t have a movie, a complete stranger would offer to let you borrow it if you mentioned looking for it. You didn’t have a ride, students would let you borrow their car, or drive you wherever if you offered to get them lunch or help them do their homework. You could walk yourself up in the library to study and the next thing you knew, seven of your friends were there with you just to hang out with you as you all tried to focus on school work. 

Soon my friend would be finished with work, and we could hang out beyond the bubble of campus. Until then I had to wait, by the fire place in the student center for her to finish work. Continuing to have flashbacks to the days gone by, and missing those moments again. 

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