Leaving Leaves Lay

I had spent time frettingWondering if things 

Would fall into place

Just like the leaves of autumn

Seem to fall perfectly

In their picturesque manner

Turning the earth into

A mosaic masterpiece 

I worried a time about it

About us

Winding if my hopes in you

Would ever come to fruition

If what I had dreamed of

Would be in you

And I had not yet discovered 

Those parts 

But unlike the leaves of autumn

I realized 

I did not let things fall into place

As they naturally intended

It was like

I was trying to pluck those

Lovely colorful leaves

And make them into 

The kind of beauty nature did

But with my own hands

It wasn’t until 

I stopped trying to

Rearrange you

That I saw you perfectly

As the beautiful mess you are

And discovered

I loved you all the same


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