Female Perspective

This is an interesting perspective. I’ve always thought about

(and to be honest, judged) the people who go to see them myself, but I do see more of a willingness to call out a “hoe” than a “perv” in most circles. It’s kind of weird that we degrade the “service” when there is a “demand” for it.
I theorize that the reason we blame the stripper is because she the one providing the service. “If she just didn’t provide the service we wouldn’t have the viewers who come to see her.” By saying this we play an adult version (and societal norm) of the age old child’s blame game. “They made me do it.” By doing this we completely remove those who demand the service from responsibility. Why? Because consumers don’t want to feel badly about their purchases, and we are a consumerist culture. We will blame the product or those who sold us the product, before we blame ourselves for using the product. 

Yes. I objectified a female stripper. Because that is exactly what society does. She’s not a person. She is a product. Don’t believe me? There are tons of studies on bikinis. Yes. Bikinis. The studies showed that men who see a woman wearing a bikini have the same part of their brain light up that is associated with the use of tools and objects. Not emotional parts of the brain. Not even pleasure parts of the brain. The functional part of the brain for the use of objects as tools. So what does that say about how the viewer feels about a woman wearing even less? 

Although it was a man who created the bikini, women have embraced the design as a way to liberate themselves from the symbolically—and physically—restrictive bathing suits of the time, to take control of their bodies and what they wear on it. But every upside has a downside. In this video excerpt, designer/actor Jessica Rey discusses a Princeton study that has revealed that when males observe females in bikinis, their brain activity reacts the same way as if they were looking at tools. Literally. As in hammers and screwdrivers.
Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-9_ei7TU-Lw 



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