I love coffee.

 I’m sure there are probably a million blog posts in the world relating to the topic of coffee and the strong multi-cultural affinity for the beverage. I’m sure I’m only adding to the noise on the matter. But I cannot deny that I love coffee like the rest of the beanie wearing thick rimmed glasses and beard sporting bunch of coffee house dwellers in the world. I too have found myself early morning eyed and writing a last minute college paper and enjoying the comforting solace of warmth on my tongue like a hug to my throat reminding me I am not the only procrastinator in the world. How do I usually do coffee? Probably in ways that will make most people cringe. This morning I put three table spoons of instant French vanilla cappuccino in a K-Cups worth of Caribou Medium Roast with a splash of milk. When I can, I put a teaspoon of coconut oil in black coffee and sweeten it with…whipped cream. Tons of it. Only three days ago I just had it straight black.

What differs for me from many coffee lovers (my barista friends will hate me for saying this), is my love for every kind I can get my hands on. I have no dedication to a brand. I have no affinity dedicated specifically to warm or iced. Some days I go straight black, and some days I double the whipped cream and artificial sweeteners (because I’m a diabetic, and real sugar isn’t sweet enough for me most days. Besides is diabetes won’t kill me cancer probably will anyway.). Often, I don’t mind an instant coffee. 
Haters gunna hate.  

To be truthful, the flavor isn’t really what I go for in coffee, though having a good flavor always helps. What I go for is the sentiment of coffee house culture combined with the hot and heavy love affair if that delightful caffeine high. That caffeine keeps me going through the day. Making me more efficient. Making me focused and bold. I am a powerhouse on coffee. I am a fierce huntress when I have consumed that bitter beverage. 
How do you take your coffee? 


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