A Theory on Affirmation


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today. Despite Its passive aggressive nature, I find this a valid question when pertaining to social media. I have a few personal theories behind this, some still formulating, so I ask you to bear with me on this. 
I could just say preference, but preference is usually linked to deeper reasoning. Understanding being one of the many reasons. I think because the visual aspect of a persons appearance or even “glamorous” lifestyle is something a wider audience can understand. Like young adolescent boys who aren’t even part of the political process yet can have an opinion on how “hot or not.” A girl is (as well as young women) can aspire to posses the same physical appearance of said “whore”, but have no idea what is going on in our political climate, because they aren’t at an age where that actually matters to them nor can they do anything about it. Both situations also include desire and sexuality and sensuality to a degree, but that theory is much more complex and simple at the same time and I’d have to think about it a great deal more. 
Plus I just keep repeating “dat ass tho” in my head. 
I also theorize certain kinds of people who follow certain types of figures often do so because they agree with their views. Those figures may have few followers that disagree with them or delete those that do for various reasons, one possibly being because their followers opinions are the foundation they build their self-esteem and seek validation. Which is very common, because humans are prone to seek acceptance.
I often wonder about things like that. Part if it is my Graphic Design background. I see to understand an audience. To understand the provider catering to that audience. To be more honest, I’m a person who desires an answer to the question “why” a great deal. I too seek acceptance on social media, but more so I crave understanding as to why that acceptance is so much more important to some than others, and how they achieve it. 
What are your thoughts? What makes such persuasive and affirming content? Why does that matter so much? 


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