Speak Clearly

Ever ponder what the “human condition” is when another person brings it up or says it casually in conversation? I find myself wondering what they mean half the time. We have so many different definitions of it. I find myself always questioning what they mean by it in perspective of their world view. Is it a lack of basic morality and if so, what do they mean by that? How do they define morality? Is it sin? Is it a disconnection from enlightenment? 

So many questions go through my head. Especially now since the Internet has blown up with rainbows. What does everyone mean by terms like “morality” or “human condition” and why does everyone want to throw those terms around when it is so ambiguous to define in a society so divided by so many things? 

Furthermore I wonder, why are we so afraid to define them? I theorize that in our deep desire to seek truth (if one believes there is such a thing), that we also fear to define truth in fear of offense. We upset a balance of things, if anyone can even define what that balance is at all, if we offend others. To think differently is to think dangerously. How very 1984.

“Political correctness” became a means of organizing our world one step more. By “being polite” as one individual who fancied herself a philosopher referred to political correctness, once told me. I found myself shaking my head. Another phrase that I found ambiguous to define. As far as I could recall “being polite” was merely “being polite.” Which I also thought was not synonymous with “respecting” an individual, but rather offered a kind of facade for respect you did not want to actually offer. Then again, was that just the kind of definition that social construct handed to me, or was that the reality of things?

I question all this because we have found ourselves throwing around these terms more frequently. As controversial subjects are legislated and perspectives are brought to light, I find myself confused by terms. I struggle to know what others mean, and often start to wonder if most of the time, people are arguing for the same thing, but using the wrong terms. All I have left is my ability to question, which has become the only stability I have in this mortal life. Other than the values I hold onto as a Christian female, I have an inquiring mind that provides the consistency of wonder and questions. When others say “truth is a perception” I often wonder what it is they have precieved and wonder why that perception is the true perception? Then I wonder why that all sounds so absurd to my own perception? Why so circular and foolish? How can one claim absolutely that there are no absolutes? 

In summary I only know what I ask, and I I not have answers. What I see is clarity that no one is willing to offer, because I fear we have lost the honest art of communicating clearly. In striving for truth based off perception, we have found ourselves unable to speak to one another correctly, to listen to hear and not necessarily respond, and a full out inability to understand one another.

I offer one request: When you speak, do not do it for the sake of boldness, but do it for the sake of speaking clearly. 

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