In 24 Hours

I found my heart beating fast. I hadn’t seen him in a very long time. What maybe 5 years or more? I couldn’t remember exactly. All I knew us we had reconnected and been talking a lot. Things had gotten deeply emotional and we found ourselves wanting to talk in person. Wanting to see each other again. Actually missing one another. 
So when he pulled into my aunts driveway at 10 pm I found myself heart pounding and palms sweating. When he stepped out of the car my face hurt from smiling. When he went in for the hug…I got butterflies. 
“What movie were we even watching that night?” I could remember the night we met. It was at a mutual friends house, which was the first and last time we had gotten the chance to speak. Movie night. We were both involved with other people at the time.  “It was Equilibrium.” He said, and proceeded to recount that night as if it was yesterday. Which was impressive, because it was about 2 am when we began recounting it and we had only managed to close our eyes as we sat on the couch for about an hour.
At 5:30 am we were sitting in the poolside chairs , talking about “being a thing” as the sky turned from evening black to a beautiful blue. Hands clasped tightly as the blades of grass began to collect dew and sparkle like starlight. The discussion continued as coffee was brewed in the French press. Things were ironed out. Affections expressed. Boundaries established. Sweet words whispered. 
“This is happening so fast. It’s crazy!” I commented, cheeks hot and blushing. “Good thing or bad thing?” He asked with a look of deep concern and empathy flashing across his face. Those blue eyes searching for indicators to analyze and adjust to. Anticipating needs. Reading emotions.  “I sure hope it’s a good thing.” I said laughing as he swept me into a waltz on the kitchen floor. No music but the beating of our hearts. No sound but breathing and the patter of our feet on the stone floor. He whispered in my ear: “You are the most wonderful and beautiful woman I know.” 

At 2pm we found ourselves at his parents house sitting cross legged on the floor. We had just finished watching the 2010 film “The Tempest.” Our minds full of Shakespeare, deep feelings from a night of deep discussions, and exhaustion. Running only on caffeine and the drive to know everything we could about one another before the weekend came to an end and I had to drive 5 hours to head back home.

Forehead to forehead. Eyes closed and hand in hand we sat. Partially dreaming and whispering to one another. “Where were you hiding?” I asked. Heart overwhelmed with emotions. “I wasn’t hiding. I was looking for you.” He pulled away and looked into my eyes. His own blinking back tears and voice in an agonizing whisper “I was so afraid I’d never find you.” He tipped my head downward and kissed my forehead. 

A few phone calls later we found ourselves surrounded by friends and food. Conversations directed themselves to us and asking how long we had been talking. “Almost two month now, since he decided to randomly message me a friendly “hello” on Facebook. We’ve spoken every night since.”  Taking my hand in his, he quickly interjected “The best decision I have ever made.” 

When he and a friend of ours drove away together I found my eyes sting with tears for a moment. The next morning I would be driving back home. Away from there. Away from him. Heaven knew when we’d see each other in person again.

I quickly regained my composure as I entered my aunts house. My parents, my grandparents, and my aunts were all present. I stepped into the room and they all fell silent. Smiles on their faces. I rolled my eyes and blushed 

“Yes we are a thing.” 

My mother hopped upfront her chair to hug me as the rest of the family hooted and applauded. Stunned by the sudden reaction I took my mothers kisses on the cheek with disbelief. “We all really like him.” She said sitting down. “I knew it when I met him this afternoon that this was going to happen.” My aunt said taking a swig of her wine and laughing to herself. 

Before bed my mother asked a million questions. All answered truthfully and to her satisfaction as well as my own. 

“He just…makes me feel like a princess.” 

“That’s how it should feel.” 

“Yeah, it’s awesome.” I said laying in bed and closing my eyes to sleep for the first time in 24 hours. 

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