Corporate Creature

Blah blah blah….Meaningless words 

crackled electronically

Through the icy speaker

Backed only by

An even more icy voice

Asking those questions

That wouldn’t matter

Hundreds of years from now

Asking about numbers

That didn’t exist in the past

Nor would they in the future

I imagined that tie

Tied around the neck 

Of a grotesque creature

Sitting at a desk that

Was scattered with paperwork 

And doughnut crumbs

That face aged so drastically

Eyes tired and voice growing 

More and more hoarse 

With every broken record word

Falling from his tired and dry lips

I felt bad for the creature

Wondering if his blood red tie

Was a symbol for how badly

He wished to slit his own throat

Perhaps in a deep sadness

For not having become a farmer

Like his daddy wanted him to be

Or to become the fireman

He dreamed of as a child

But he pressed on all the same

Voice raising and lowering with

The kind of intensity a circus announcer

Would for his audience

That passionate growl in his voice

Over something he really

Didn’t believe in anyway 

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