Summer Shandy

The air pressed against me

Forcing that light warmth
Into my veins and 
Causing the sky to reach
To the awaiting children below
I felt smothered by it
Ready for its warmth
But afraid of its temporal nature
Where would summer fly to
When winter casts its chill
Like an unexpected net
Over an innocent butterfly
So I sought shade
For a while more
Letting my eyes adjust
Closing them for a few moments
Smelling the grass beneath me
Feeling the fire rage
Across the sky
Carelessly tossing its rays
To those who were
More ready to catch them
Than I was
But in those moments 
I felt the earth breathing
Moving around its axis 
Methodical and intentionally
Confirming Divinity is real
Thoughtful and complex as
Those of us who reach out to the heavens
Asking for small things like
Summer warmth and quiet rain
It was so simple and lovely
I could almost forget
That I was sitting in the shade 
Of a dumpster
Drinking a flat summer shandy 

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