Opinions and Relevance

“So why don’t you try harder to get more followers?” He once asked me wondering why I would “waste my talent for writing” on a blog that so few would read and/ or follow. I couldn’t help but shake my head at him. I knew I had explained it to him plenty of times before. I admired his persistence in seeking out my intentions. He was a man who couldn’t understand how someone with a talent of any kind wouldn’t use it to capitalize from it in some way. He was that way. He would utilize every ounce of his talents for every possible manner of profit if he had anything to say about it. He was that type, the kind of busy body type-A personality that had the energy and time, combined with a theatric and boisterous manner that demanded the attention of any individual that he happened to focus even the slightest bit of his attention upon. That was not at all my manner. Though, I appreciated his desire to focus slight (and obviously very controlled so as not to frighten me away from our friendship) energies on me, the wallflower I was who often needed prodding in one direction or another. 

Because of his personality I knew he would never understand my reasoning. I knew he could only ever project his desires for his own talents onto those he could see being talented as well. Still, I found it best to keep trying to explain it, in hopes that one day he might understand, but knowing that to expect him to understand was a stretch. 
“To share a talent, even in a small way, is to still share it.” 
It was the most simple and concise way I could explain my desire to write a blog over writing a book. Talent is talent and no matter how it is shared it is still shared. I’m not the type of person looking for fame. I’m not seeking viewers. I’m not desperate to speak certain opinions and I’m not looking to inform or cause controversy. I’m just sharing. Not for recognition, but for the sake of getting it off my chest, as well as a small bit for sake of reaching out to those who care to listen. I don’t need the feedback. I don’t ask for comments (unless it’s for a desire to understand) or beg for followers. I am here to write. To speak a little piece and then keep it to that. 
Not to disrespect those who are seeking to let their opinions run free. That is a wonderful part of the online community. There are those with things to say who are relevant and ought to go viral. I do not see myself as a vital part of that crowd, nor do I seek the pain and pleasure of going viral. I know my thoughts and feelings are just that…mine. I can choose not to share them, or I can have the honesty to admit that my opinions are only relevant to me, my limited knowledge, and my personal experiences.
That is one of the issues with our ideals in Western culture. Maybe even in American culture to narrow it down further. We have this idea that our opinions matter, and to an extent they do, but the limitation to our opinions is that we offer them without knowing the full story, and then require others to share the same opinion, or argue the validity of an opinion that may be misinformed. 
Humans are fallible beings. We cannot know all. Therefore we offer opinions that are not always relevant.  Of course, certain people have been brought up in the context of being made a big deal of. For example, many only children, hipsters, and political enthusiasts are often individuals that think their opinion is always relevant. My friend is all three of these. So he finds himself in a place to ask such questions of me, and in turn, always finds himself exasperated with my response. 

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