A Dream Summer

As summer slowly creep her way into my life, I find myself reminiscing a. Great deal lately. Reminiscing mostly about how summer used to be. About how when school or college ended I would pack up my school life and put it in a box somewhere to hide for a few months. How I could get by with having a little cafe or sand which shop job and still have time to chill with friends at the beach or hang out by someone’s pool for a weekend. 

I remember summers that were long and beautiful. Where sunsets were endless and green grass always needed trimming. I remember the sound of sand falling off our feet as we steped in and out of a friends car. I recall the cicadas in the trees, droning their endless drone as if they were a thousand tiny chainsaws across the entire neighborhood. Laying on the porch with the dog catching a few rays. 

Those were the days. 

Today I signed my lease for my apartment. This summer will be so diffrent. A summer full of coming into my own. A summer of being broke and living and to mouth. A summer of always working, grocery shopping and paying bills. A summer of moving into my apartment and out of my parents place. A summer without my parents dog, because in a few days we have to out her down. A summer without a coworker whom I had been accustom to seeing every day, broad smile and kind heart always at the ready. 

This summer, it will be just me and my cat sitting in an apartment with no television or internet but what I can get on my phone plan.  For some reason, that still sounds an aweful lot like living the dream. 


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