Sad News II

It was very strange to be at work. To see his desk with his coat, but not him. To have his keys in my hand, but not have asked him for them. To go in the spaces he went. To do the things he would have done. 

He wasn’t there. Nor would he ever be again. 

The rest of my day was an overwhelming combination of anger and sorrow. Angry that he had been so selfish. Angry that he left us all here to deal with his mess. Sad that he just wasn’t there anymore. That he felt so broken and desperate that he had to take his own life. 

It was too much for one day. 


2 thoughts on “Sad News II

  1. Dealing with the death of someone you know is hard enough. Dealing with the knowledge of the fact that his death was voluntary can introduce so much more confusion and anger. It’s so hard to be able to understand and justify. Try not to let the darkness which led him to take such extreme measures infect you and those around you. As you said, be there for the others that knew him. Comfort and look out for each other. I’m here for you if you need a friend. 🙂

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