Cautious Lover

When she hears words of adoration

She keeps her distance

They all seem to know her weakness

They speak with hose pretty golden chains of words

Because they know

She is a lover of words

And when spun just right she can be caught


But too many times has she been ensnared 

In those gold chains so fine and delicate

But in such number squeezed so tightly

Her ribs cracked beneath their power

And shattered the cage 

That kept her heart tethered to her

She managed to escape each time but damaged still



Without a cage her heart  can flutter away from her 

Out of reach for just anyone to try and grab

She skirts the crowds wary

Distant and guarded

Too cautious to love this time

Afraid that those chains would tangle and

Bind her so she cannot struggle her way free


She desires nothing more or less than authenticity

Life is not a pretty place she has known this forever

Which is why she was so attracted to such

Pretty words when chained together so eloquently

It was hard to find those pretty things

To see beauty in such a mess of a world

What beauty could there be in such mess


But at the outskirts she has only herself

No hands to grope at the heart she owns

No one to try to take it from her

She holds in inside her with her own tired hands

A sleepless sentinel in light and darkness

Waiting for a safe place for her heart to rest

Or another pair of hands to help her hold it



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