Grave Thoughts

I opened my eyes

And oceans poured out

Causing the quay to bleed into

Those hollow places

The sea fairing ships

Casting anchor beyond

Those wild hills where we could 

No longer climb to safety

They float in the sky now

Polishing the stars above my tired head

My weary and restless mind

Those little boats cast nets

In the watery tendrils of my curls

As they dry my eyes

While dewy and painful mementos 

Clutch my lashes in desperation 

I can’t think with such watery thoughts

I drowned far too easily

Falling into this cavernous oblivious

Where the nets can’t reach my falling body

I can only sink now

With a heart as heavy as this one

Anchoring me to the dark places 

Beneath those glassy waves

Those little boats above me

Floating on the surface

With their evening lanterns lit hopefully

From down here I cannot breath

But I would be just as breathless

Looking at the night sky

Because from down here those little lanterns

Could almost be the stars


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