You will cast it out

Tossing it from the 

Fortress in your chest

Releasing the warriors of

Thoughts from 

Behind your teeth

But that feeling of chaotic thrill

They will turn to 

A new kind of war

Because humanity

Will not judge you softly

They often fire upon

The warrior from our heart

In hopes to kill

That beautifully fierce creature

Because who wouldn’t want

To be the victor

In a war of emotion

Who doesn’t want to overwhelm

The overwhelming

But you can be still with me

The fortress can rest tonight 

Because I judge softly

Kindness as the doe on the 

Abandoned battlefeild 

Grazing silently on the dew and grass

Guns raised in fear

Of the movement

Of the possibility of meat

But they will not shoot

For once they will leave me and you

In our stillness

As you gaze upon that ground

I have turned from violence

To nourishment

Gun raised to fire

But never to take a shot

You are allowed you caution

Soft eyes steady

Gazing into the soul of a being

So diffrent

So far apart

Yet occupying the same space

But not that same war


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