The Waters

The second floor overlooked the water. Waves tossed beautifully and violently. Twisting passionately together and untangling only to run into another to curl into and beneath. I wondered if that passionate violence was shared beneath the surface. If you could feel the same violent shake from above as well as beneath. Or was the world a different place beneath that surface? Was it quiet and still below? Heartless? Too calm to truly be the passionate and changing thing it gave the sense of? Was the chaos the same or just a show? Did the water floor meet the same fate?

Who am I to know? I know nothing of the changes in water. Amazing that I can be made up of 75% water, and still not know the ways of the element. 

So I just observe the nature of water. It’s adhesive and cohesive properties. How it clings to everything. How it clings to its self. The desperate need it has to do so. To touch and change to fill that which contains it, and yet how easily it slips away when that container doesn’t meet those needs. When it falters and fails. How unforgiving. No grace. Just flowing to the next lowest point it decides to find.

How depressing that must be. To only travel to the lowest point. 

Then again, that is where it finds acceptance. Flowing from high to low to meet with other waters. To speak of bruises. I imagine it sitting on a bar stool like a wanderer. Eavesdropping to talk about the low points the others have seen. Only to one day find its ascension to the heavens, to see the sun and feel that golden warmth. Yet again, not to last. It too will meet the cold air of the great heights and will fall like Lucifer and his angels. 

 I can only wonder about it. Only speculate its ways. Only suppose its consciousness. Was it aware? It seems too alive not to be. Yet, it offers no logic in its ever changing ways. To be kind to the sailor one day, and to take his life the next offers no reason. So if it is alive, as I suppose it must be, then it is so in that same heartless and apathetic way I could only assume before. Quiet, treacherous, and apathetic.


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